Publications and preprints

  1. Ping-pong partitions and locally discrete groups of real-analytic circle diffeomorphisms, I : Construction,
    submitted (joint work with Juan Alonso, Sébastien Alvarez, Dominique Malicet, and Carlos Meniño) [arXiv]
    Slides from talk at a conference in Dubrovnik, June 2019.
  2. Cut-off method for endogeny of recursive tree processes,
    not ready for submission, needs important revision (joint work with Victor Kleptsyn) [arXiv]

  3. On James Hyde's example of non-orderable subgroup of \(\mathrm{Homeo}(D,\partial D)\),
    L'Enseignement Mathématique (2) [arXiv]

  4. Small \(C^1\) actions of semidirect products on compact manifolds,
    Algebr. Geom. Topol. 16, no. 6 (2020) 3183–3203 (joint work with Christian Bonatti, Sang-hyun Kim and Thomas Koberda) [DOI, arXiv]
  5. Groups of piecewise linear homeomorphisms of minimal flows,
    Compositio Math. 156, no. 8 (2020) 1595–1622 (joint work with Nicolás Matte Bon) [DOI, free on-line access, arXiv]
  6. Property FW, differentiable structures, and smoothability of singular actions,
    J. Topol. 13, no. 3 (2020) 1119–1138 (joint work with Yash Lodha and Nicolás Matte Bon) [DOI, arXiv]
  7. One-dimensional actions of Higman's group,
    Discrete Analysis 2019:20, 15pp. (joint work with Cristóbal Rivas) [DOI, arXiv]
  8. Ping-pong configurations and circular orders on free groups,
    Groups Geom. Dyn. 13, no. 4 (2019) 1195–1218 (joint work with Dominique Malicet, Kathryn Mann and Cristóbal Rivas) [DOI, arXiv]
  9. Groups with infinitely many ends acting analytically on the circle,
    J. Topol. 12, no. 4 (2019) 1315–1367 (joint work with Sébastien Alvarez, Dmitry Filimonov, Victor Kleptsyn, Dominique Malicet, Carlos Meniño and Andrés Navas) [DOI, arXiv]
  10. Hyperbolicity as obstruction to smoothability for one-dimensional actions,
    Geom. Topol. 23, no. 4 (2019) 1841–1876 (joint work with Christian Bonatti and Yash Lodha) [DOI, arXiv]
  11. Stationary random metrics on hierarchical graphs via \((\min,+)\)-type recursive distributional equations,
    Commun. Math. Phys. 345, no. 1 (2016), 1–76 (joint work with Mikhail Khristoforov and Victor Kleptsyn) [DOI, arXiv]
  12. Généricité au sens probabiliste dans les difféomorphismes du cercle,
    Ensaios Matemáticos 27, Soc. Brasil. Mat. (2014), 1–99 [DOI, arXiv]
  13. On the invariant distributions of \(C^2\) circle diffeomorphisms of irrational rotation number,
    Math. Z. 274, no. 1 (2013), 315–321 (joint work with Andrés Navas) [DOI, arXiv]

Proof of Zimmer's Cocycle Superrigidity: centralizers and finite dimensional invariant subspaces,
in Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Zimmer's Conjecture, Oberwolfach Rep. 16 (2019), 2951–3052 [DOI]

Entropy, smooth ergodic theory and rigidity of group actions, by Aaron Brown.
With appendices by Sébastien Alvarez, Dominique Malicet, Davi Obata, Mario Roldán, Bruno Santiago and Michele Triestino. Edited by Michele Triestino. Ensaios Matemáticos 33 (2019), Soc. Brasil. Mat. [DOI, arXiv].

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Expository notes:

Notes: Filippo Bracci, Loewner's Theory from the deterministic point of view (Cortona 2010) (eternal draft).