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Since September 2016, I am maître de conférence in Dijon.

In the academic year 2018/19 I will be working at Lille (délégation at INRIA and Laboratoire Paul Painlévé).

Contact: michele [dot] triestino *at* u-bourgogne [dot] fr

NEW: One-dimensional actions of 3-manifold groups. workshop in Dijon, November 4-8 2019. See the webpage.


At the present moment I am studying groups of circle diffeomorphisms that could be considered as geometrically finite inside \(\mathrm{Diff}(\mathbb{S}^1)\). In general, I am interested in group actions on low-dimensional manifolds, with problems coming from foliation theory and/or group theory.

CV (June 2019)

Publications and preprints

Workshop: Groups acting on manifolds. I was the organizer for a workshop for young researchers, Teresópolis, June 20-24 2016.

My wife, Marielle Simon is also a mathematician.

dinamicarioca Dinamicarioca: Dynamical Systems in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.